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Posted by Andrew ( on May 22, 2007 at 22:16:13:

In Reply to: Re: Unknown Meiji-period signature posted by Hans Olof Johansson on May 22, 2007 at 14:42:04:

(1) Here is the bijin triptych

(2) What is your reading of the date on "Unread1.jpg" ?

My opinion settles on the date as probably being Meiji 12 (1879).

(3) The artist of the sugoroku print seems different from my print because the date is similar (Meiji 9) but the style is different

(4) "4703.jpg" - This is a later Meiji triptych probably around 1885 - 1890. But, the signature is the same as that on the sugoroku print.

The signature appears to be [Kosai] but in the text to the right of the signature cartouche it says H h [gakou Kobayashi Eisei]. So this means presumably that "Kosai" and "Eisei" are the same person.

The analogous inscription in my print says l [different writing of 'gakou'] [Kobayashi] ... and then two kanji which are unclear exactly what it says.

"4704.jpg" - a typical mid-Meiji street scene I would guess from about 1880 - 1885. Looks very similar to Hiroshige III, Yoshitora, etc. from the same period. The cartouche is too small to see the signature or date

"4705.jpg" - The similarity of the signature to my print is so strong that I think it can't be a coincidence. Has the inscription H h again.

"4708.jpg" - same signature and same inscription.

The thing which bothers me is the difference in style between the sugoroku print and my print. But maybe it's possible? This artist seems to lack originality of style, it's as if he decides

1876 - Let's copy Yoshitoshi's nishiki-e
1879 - copy Chikanobu bijin-ga
1885 - copy Hiroshige III meisho-e
1890 - copy Kobayashi Ikuhide ...

et cetera. What do you think ?

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